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NB  This year's AGM takes place at Maltman's Green School on Sunday 27th April 2014 starting at 12.30.  (There is an Executive Committee meeting beforehand - 10 a.m. to midday - so please do not arrive before 12.00)  With the significant retirements that are taking place this year, it is particularly important that as many people as possible attend this.  PLEASE!!!!  We look forward to seeing as many coaches as possible there!

As you probably already know, Libby Craig is standing down as GISGA Chairman this year.  She has written a letter to all the GISGA coaches regarding the forthcoming AGM which she would like everyone to read.  Please click here to view.   (This was actually prepared before March GISGA took place but I was unable to make it available on the website at that time - my apologies, C Pocock)


MARCH 2014 GISGA  This took place at Kent College over the weekend of 1/2 March 2014 at Kent College.  It was a very enjoyable weekend and the standard of gymnastics was higher than ever.   The Kent College staff and parents once again looked after us very well and enormous thanks must go to them for all the work they put into it.  For the results of this competition, see the Results section of the website.

On 1st December 2013 Holmewood House School hosted the GISGA 2-piece competition and we must thank them very much for looking after us then.  Results can be found in the Results section. 

Thanks must also go to Haberdashers' Aske's for hosting the Under 9 GISGA competition which took place on Saturday 30 November 2013.  For results, please see the Results section.

IAPS 2013 took place at Blue Coat School over the weekend of 16/17 October 2013.  Very many thanks to them for hosting this competition.  Results can be found in the results section. 

Under 9 GISGA and the GISGA 2-piece for Under 10, Under 11, Under 13, Under 15 and Over 13s took place at the beginning of December.  Results to be found in the Results section. 

Dates of competitions for the academic year 2013-2014 and the relevant entry deadline dates can be found in the Calendar section below

The GISGA AGM took place on Sunday 21st April 2013 at Maltmans Green School. Minutes are now available here.  The minutes of the previous GISGA AGM 2012 can be viewed here.  Next year's AGM will also take place at Maltmans Green School on Sunday 27th April 2014.

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July 2013 – PLEASE LOOK AT THESE NEW RULES - The changes within the document are shown in red print.  To view the updated AUTHENTIC version of the 2013 GISGA RULES document, click here.

IMPORTANT:  For further clarification, please also read the letter from June Walden, GISGA's Hon Technical Director. To do so, please click here.

NB:  Update October 2013 - A new document has been produced by Stuart Dunkley and Marion Charafeddine setting out the GISGA Guidelines for Judges and Coaches.  To view this document, please click here.


See below in the Music section for a link to the GymJamz website where you can obtain music for gymnastics floor routines. 


Last updated April 2014  


Other Documents

Please find the following extra documents:

GISGA Vol Floor 2010 - 2011

Balance, Strength, Flexible 2010 - 2011


Want to begin or renew an affiliation with GISGA? Just download, print and complete the affiliation form and send it to us. 


GISGA 2014 U10 Results 

GISGA 2014 U11 Results 

GISGA 2014 U13 Results 

GISGA 2014 U15 Results 

GISGA 2014 O13 Results

11th ISA Results 2014 

GISGA 2-piece 2013 Over 13 Results

GISGA 2-piece 2013 Under 15 Results

GISGA 2-piece 2013 Under 13 Results

GISGA 2-piece 2013 Under 11 Results

GISGA 2-piece 2013 Under 10 Results

GISGA 2013 Under 9 Results

IAPS 2013 Under 10 results

IAPS 2013 Under 11 results

IAPS 2013 Under 13 results

 GISGA Under 9 2-piece results 2013

 16th MISGA 2013 results

     MISGA 2013 Saturday details

     MISGA 2013 Sunday details


Entry Forms

Forms for Academic year 2013 - 2014

Now available:

GISGA 2-Piece National Champs 2013

GISGA (March) entry form 2014

GISGA Under 9 2-piece entry form 2013

GISGA Under 9 entry form 2013

IAPS Gym nationals entry form 2013

 See also:

March GISGA 2013 information doc


Are you a MISGA school? The last MISGA competition took place over the weekend of 27/28 April 2013 at Blue Coat School, Edgbaston. For further details, consult the MISGA 2013 flyer. Please note closing date for entries was Wednesday 6 February 2013.

Are you an ISA school? The 11th ISA National Gymnastics Championships 2014 will take place at Fenton Manor, Stoke-on-Trent on Saturday 8th February 2014.  For details please see the ISA 2014 Flyer.  See the Results section for the results of the 2012 competition.


For the minutes of the 2013 GISGA AGM, please click here.  For minutes from previous years, please click on Read more below.

Championship Rules

Download the latest version of the GISGA Championship Rules 2013/2014 or the IAPS Championship Rules 2011/2012.     Important Note:  Please also click here to read the letter from June Walden, the Hon Technical Director for GISGA which explains the GISGA Championship rule changes following the AGM in April 2013 more fully.


Events for the academic year 2013/2014:  

For details of dates and venues for competitions, see Read more..... (below)

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View and purchase photos from all competitions at the DE website.

Link to DE Photo Website

Need music for routines?   Try the GymJamz website

Please note that it is now forbidden to use music from Walt Disney, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cirque de Soleil. British Gymnastics, who have lost a court ruling, have issued a warning to all competition organisers to turn off any of the above music if any attempt is made to play them.

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